My wife was sharing her feelings with me the other day, when out of fear, instead of holding space for her, I shut her down. You see, part of me is afraid the messy, not so pleasant emotions will overwhelm me. Yet, I’m increasingly coming to find the healthiest thing to do is to feel, honor, and allow ALL the feels! Suppressing our emotions is like deciding to never use the bathroom or to hold our breath for hours, NOT good for us. Emotions are energy that wants to move, they’re messengers craving to be heard.

To be whole and healthy is to be emotional, intimately connected to ourselves and others. We talk about “Emotional IQ” because our feelings are truly a form of intelligence. When I reflect on the times I’ve shut Lisa down vs. created a safe space for her, the evidence is clear that allowing is the best path for everyone … and the same thing applies to me and my feels. So, here’s to creating space and giving permission for ALL our emotions to flow in normal and natural ways!

Hugs & Love,


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