Not knowing the struggles we’d face in August; I named my yoga class this month “Kindness Warrior”. There’s something magical about moving through life’s struggles, storms, and even sweetness, with kindness. As fate would ironically have it, we’ve gotten to live this mentality “out loud”, as we’ve faced some major challenges and stressors! Yet, isn’t that how life often works? We’re provided not only what we need to make it through our trials and tribulations, but what will help us thrive. Know what I mean? We have been “surrounded” by SO many loving, caring, and uplifting people, that in the face of worry and hardship, I’ve had a deep sense, all is and will be well.

In reflecting on the awesomeness of our friends and family, I’ve noticed a Kindness Warrior keeps 4 key “weapons” at their disposal—they partner, value, uplift, and coach.

Being a partner is one of the best gifts we can give. A Kindness Warrior partners by being with a person through thick and thin, having their back, doing life together, and being deeply invested in their wellbeing (like a co-owner of life). Aren’t partners the best?

Hand-in-hand with a spirit of togetherness is esteem. A Love Champion greatly values others, not for any reason, but because they see and name one’s intrinsic worth. Love doesn’t need a reason to declare someone precious and beloved; it is the reason!

Love invites us to remember the power we have to impact others, whether we say anything or not. This is why: A person committed to kindness uses their presence, words, and touch to uplift people. Whether it’s a smile, hug, word of affirmation or encouragement, knowing look, or ­­­­______, a Kindness Warrior brightens one’s day!

Sometimes, though, kindness calls us to both brighten a person’s spirit, and kick them in the butt! Like a coach, a Kindness Warrior recognizes some situations call for fierce kindness, the kind that pushes one out of the “nest”, so to speak. In our journey of becoming the amazing person we were born to be, we not only need Love’s unconditional acceptance and approval, but also the way it illuminates the shortfalls we’re blind to and highlights the ways we can grow into greater flourishing.

Partner. Value. Uplift. Coach. May the spirit of the Kindness Warrior light us up from the inside out!

Hugs & Love,Lang

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