One of the thing’s I cherish the most is tucking my daughter in at night.  After we share what we’re grateful for and pray, she rolls onto her side, closes her eyes, and we begin a sacred ritual we’ve been practicing for 10+ years.  While I hum “Go to Sleep My Little Baby”, I caress her back.  Like anything else, all it takes for this ordinary routine to become special is intentionality.  Our mindfulness turns my hums into musical blessings and hands into embodied prayers.  During this time, it’s as if angels are dancing around us, the air turns into Joy, her mattress becomes a place of Peace, and Love is all there is.

This reminds me of the yogic practice of Satya (meaning “Truthfulness”, which really makes it a human practice) and something I recently heard from Peter Rollins.  The Irish philosopher pointed out Truth is subjective.  You see, Truth means, “that which is in accordance with reality”, and reality is NOT a cold, sterile, fact-focused, objective experience; it’s a relational, warm, messy and mysterious, Love-centric, subjective endeavor.  Really and truly, then, anything and everything can be sacred and special, like Lara and my bedtime ritual … if/when we want it to be!

Love is the flow of reality, everything in the universe came from the big bang, and we exist, which means you and I are Truth, Love, and One.  It seems to me to live Truthfulness, then, is to live Love, which is marked by givingness, attention, intention, and kind, connected relationships wherein the mundane becomes sacred and ordinary extraordinary.  So, today I invite us to practice Truthfulness by choosing Love and seeing the sacred within and without!


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Grace and peace,