Avoidance is the best policy, right? 😂 

While I spent much of my life “running” from sadness, anger, fear, frustration, and the like, I’ve realized: Radical acceptance of the awkward stuff, not avoidance, is the path to flourishing. In many ways, the Lorde concert I just went to was a masterful artistic audiovisual illustration of this truth.

Midway through the performance, she shared how she gives voice to her sadness, joy, hurt, love, fear, anxiety, and hope with her songs. Not only that, the way they changed the setting and illumination of the stage for each tune, “painted” a visual depiction of the inner depths and diversity within each of us. To top it off, Lorde danced in the most inspiring manner—moving and grooving in her own uniquely fabulous fashion—which invited and permitted us to do likewise. It was freeing and fantastic to be one of thousands of people joyously dancing in their own way!

There is no greater freedom than to be you, as YOU—a once in the history of ever miracle!

As much as I prefer to be all joy all the time, I’m only whole and healthy to the extent that I welcome sadness, hurt, fear, anxiety, etc. to the “table” with open arms. Likewise, my circle of friends and family only thrives when we’re willing to have awkward conversations, upheld by love. And, as we expand that circle across the country and world, we see: Humanity is only fully and exquisitely alive to the extent we welcome people of all races, genders, political persuasions, nations, and religions with loving arms wide open.

It comes to me this is part of why God names the rainbow as a symbol of Divine Love for humanity and creation in Genesis. Humans are meant to be like rainbows; a unified stream of vibrant, colorful, and mysterious diversity. Accepting awkwardness, truly, creates awesomeness.

Hugs & Love,


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