As we’ve been enjoying a fun flurry of snow storms, Lisa and I noted the calming affect snow has on everything.  It’s like a massive collective “HA”, which fills your heart with a sense that all is well and all will be well.  Not long after that, a friend came to our door with his kids and asked, “do you want to build a snowman?”, because the white powdery stuff also brings out our childlike gladness.  Our native tongue is Love, and it seems to me snow is like a drug from nature that whiteouts the stresses and strains of life to return us to the peace and joy we’re born with and intended for.

The glorious thing is we don’t need a snow shower to reset our mental operating systems to amazing, though.  Savoring a few deep breaths and sighing out our worries brings us greater wellbeing.  Choosing to smile, laugh, and hug electrifies our beings with bliss.  It’s that simple.

With that in mind, today I invite us to heed a snow storm’s life lesson: Literally breath in peace, exhale stress, and choose childlike gladness.


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Grace and peace,