Friends, I’m stoked to invite you to a Project of Love.  I’m working on a Doctorate in Leadership & Spiritual Formation, to help people thrive together in life. To make our doctoral projects as successful as possible (mine is about growing and flowing with Love across divides), we run several “tests” to get feedback from people this term. Similar to the Kindness Kickstarter we did last summer, for this “test” we do our best to embody 6 simple practices and mental dispositions for 10-14 days, and then fill out a survey to indicate how effective they are. Effective at what? Thanks for asking! 

My project seeks to discover how, in an increasingly polarized society, do we heal and grow across divides into a space of greater individual and communal flourishing. So, the survey will be a rating of the 6 practices/mental attitudes (as well as some other ideas that could be just as good or better) on a scale of 1-10. You’re amazing, and, as is joyful to you, I SO appreciate you joining us in this! BY THE WAY, even if you don’t take 10-14 days to “test” these, filling out the survey would be SUPER helpful. Plus, it is anonymous. Please fill the survey (link below) out by April 5th. Here are the 6 practices/mental dispositions:

1.  Soul Seeing: The practice of seeing and treating people with their inherent, coequal with others value, beauty, belonging, and love.

2. Love AllWays: A mantra reminding one to love always and in all the ways that care for people, as they are.

3. Wonder Squared: “Wonder”, as in choose to marvel at the miracles and beauties of life. And “wonder”, meaning wonder about why people are how they are, what they like to eat, etc.

4. Deep Listening: Love and wonder lead to deep listening, wherein, as context allows, people choose to listen deeply to and be impacted by others’ stories.

5. Clear. Center. Connect.: When a person takes time to clear the “clutter” of life, center inside themselves, and connect to the deep wisdom inside them, they “step” into the best version of themselves. The possibilities here are numerous, from yoga to being in nature to prayer to running and beyond. The invitation is for a person to do something to “clear their mind”, center themselves, and connect to something transcendent.

6. Look for the Good: “The way we see the world is the way we experience” and live into it. In other words, without turning a blind eye to evils, looking for the good honors that how we choose to perceive life, others, and ourselves deeply shapes us. This practice, then, is deciding to believe and name the best of others, choose gratitude, and stay safe.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers to you amazing soul!

Hugs & Love,