As the sun sets on 2020, what bits of brightness will we carry with us? One of 7 revelations for me is: People I can be 100% completely myself with are more precious than gold/TP. How about you? It’s interesting, during my life, first I was all about New Year’s resolutions, then more intentions or a word, and now I do more reflection … which seems to be the rich soil for future flourishing.

This is a big reason why I’m SO grateful for people I can be fully and freely myself in ALL the ways with. It’s so freeing to be able to show all your strengths, struggles, dark bits, and light parts without fear of judgment! Know what I mean? Cheers to such life mates!

2) Both/and Thinking is Key for Wellbeing & Harmony. Seeing the world and people in terms of black OR white, good OR bad, wrong OR right, and in OR out is what’s tearing us apart. One side says America is terrible and another great. And they’re at each other’s throats. The truth is the U.S. is both beautiful AND brutal. We’ve done MUCH good and harm, so let’s both celebrate AND change! I’m no different. It occurred to me in the conservative vs. liberal war that wearing masks is a conservative response enforced by liberals. Isn’t that interesting?

3) Caste Over Racism. While we’ve realized we have a racism problem in the U.S., we have a hard time changing to address the issue because only “racist” people need to and it’s such a triggering word. Know what I mean? So, let’s shift the language to caste, which isn’t triggering and might truly be more accurate, as in we have a caste problem to address. While India overtly has a caste system (i.e., people are born with varying degrees of value), ours is covert. So, let’s name it and address it!

4) Oneness. Bit by bit I see/get this more and more. How interconnected we all are. How much we all belong to one another.  How I am Trump AND Biden, in that the mentalities of both the people we hate and approve live in ME.

5) Embrace Change. 2020 has been jam packed with change, and it’s been disorienting. Yet, change is one of the few constants in life. So, I’m learning to roll with and even enjoy change.

6) Difference is Hard & Vital. It is hard to be with, listen to, ponder, and engage different views, beliefs, histories, stories, and ways of being in the world. Yet, in the rainbow that is humanity, for the harmony and unity we desire to become real, it is absolutely essential to embrace difference. And I’m 100% committed to this work.

7) People Above Things. As nice, and to a point needed, as money, homes, possessions, beliefs, and accomplishments are, their importance pales in comparison to people. While it’s easy to get caught up in my doings, 2020 has taught me to drop them for people—as kindness and compassion FAR outrank things!

What gifts are you taking with you from 2020?

Hugs & Love,


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