I don’t know about you, but it’s super easy for life’s busyness, messages, and stresses to cause me to forget who I am, what life’s about, and what’s True about others.  So, I figured I’d share 20 quick Truths I frequently remind myself, and others, about to help us center, calm, and celebrate (I’d love to hear what reminders you use and/or would add!):

You are beloved AS you are.

You are Love.

You are precious beyond measure.

You belong.

Love is the answer.

Kindness = happiness.

While not all of life is beautiful, there is ALWAYS beauty in life.

Life is rigged in your favor.


While an unreadable face wins in poker, a vulnerable and authentic soul will win at life.

You are perfect, AS you are, NO doing required.

YOU are a GIFT, a never seen before and never to be seen again blessing the world needs.

Think less to BE more.

Don’t blame, become better.

Move from I-Centeredness to We-Consciousness.

Don’t compete and compare, celebrate and care.

There’s nobody you can’t love once you know her/his story.

It’s better to be connected than correct.

On top of life’s Ocean of Love there are lots of waves, and while we can’t stop them, we can learn to surf!

Loving is the point!


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Grace and peace,