How are you doing today?  I hope you are having an amazing day, and regardless of how beautiful and/or brutal it might be for you, I pray you are connected and cared for by a loving community!

There’s a common “joke” you may have heard, which goes something like this: A wife asks her longtime husband, “Why don’t you tell me you love me anymore?”  Confused, he looks at her and replies, “Darling, I told you ‘I love you’ when we got married.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.”

I mention that because us humans are forgetful creatures. For some reason, we’re quick to forget profound Truths, beautiful experiences, and affirming encounters, which means it’s important we regularly remind one another about the good stuff and what truly matters.

I don’t know about you, but I have to fill my spiritual/relational tank up with positivity petrol frequently.  When I don’t, I’m less kind, quicker to anger, more easily frustrated, and so on. With that in mind, I figured I’d share 12 Truths that Transform my being on the regular, because I’m all about spreading the Love. 🙂


1) You are 100% beloved exactly as you are, NO doing required.

Love is a core human need.  The myth is that we need to earn love, must change to get love, and that our actions (or inactions) determine our lovability.  The Truth is Love needs no reason, it isthe reason, and it declares each and every one of us beloved.  Period.  NO exceptions.

Think about it this way; do good parents need reasons to love their kids?  NO!  They just do. God, or you’re preferred word for the Creative Force behind reality, is like a great parent, only better, declaring you wildly and deeply loved just as you are!  I find this reminder SO important, I got a tattoo for it!


2) While not all of life is beautiful, there is ALWAYS beauty in life.

Practicing gratitude is a game-changer.  It literally rewires our brains to see more of the goodness in life … and there’s always at least some.

Choosing thankfulness lights us up from the inside, filling us with greater gladness.  Something spectacular about an attitude of gratitude is it trains us to see how even sucky situations have lessons to help us become better.

3) Life is rigged in your favor.

This follows on from where I landed #2 in that while pain is inevitable in life, suffering is optional.  Regardless of the situation, joy is in our hearts.  Life is a lesson on Love, and when we have the eyes to see it, everything and everyone is our teacher.

What is more, I’ve found the more I trust life is good, the better life gets.  And I’m not talking about wealth or possessions, but relationships and our own inner-landscape.

4) Don’t blame, better.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quick to blame others when something goes wrong or is unjust. The problem with this bias is living in a culture of criticism poisons our spirits … and doesn’t change anything!

I didn’t want or choose my second divorce, but while my mental state was one of blaming my ex, I suffered.  Yet, when I decided to stop the blame/shame game and get better, I thrived.  Not only does this apply interpersonally, it’s helpful communally and nationally, because, as they say: Be the change you want to see in the world.

5) Move from I-Centeredness to We-Consciousness.

Life isn’t a mesport; it’s a teamsport.  Life is better together.  I think it’s fair to say we all start self-centered, which isn’t bad and is actually a healthy part of our development and growth.  Yet, if we stay self-centered our lives get small and monotone, while picking an ever-greater we-consciousness grows and explodes our worlds with all sorts of vibrant colors.

6) Don’t compete and compare, celebrate and care.

Culture tells us life is a game we win by having the most and being the best, but given that someone will always get more and perform better, we will inevitably lose this game.  But, if instead of thinking there can only be one winner, we choose to cheer on those doing well, while also lifting up those doing poorly, we thrive together.

7) While an unreadable face wins in poker, a vulnerable and authentic soul will win at life.

You know how little kids will run naked through the house without a second thought?  Or how a 10-year-old kiddo will tell you literally whatever’s on his mind?  I think these point to a bigger Truth: We are made to bare our hopes, dreams, hurts, desires, sadness, and darkness with one another.


8) While you have thoughts, you are notyour thoughts.

Most of our thinking is repetitive and negative, as that’s what helps us survive.  You know the famous saying from Renee Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”?  The problem is, we believe our thinking is our being, but let me ask you this: Who is it that can observe your thoughts? 

9) Think less to BE more.

This follows on from #8, as while our thought bubbles are largely monotonous and gloomy, our being is peaceful and joy-filled.  The more we practice quieting our minds be, by focusing on our breath, surroundings, and bodily sensations, the more blissful we become. 

10) There’s nobody you can’t love once you know his/her story.

Everyone is doing the best she/he can.  True story! The more we remind ourselves of this, while also learning what events, circumstances, histories, and so on have shaped and formed a person, the more we realize if we were in her shoes, we’d likely act the same way.

11) It’s better to be connected than correct.

It hadn’t occurred to me until just now, but as I reminisced on the stories people have shared with me over the years, as well as my own, I realized how frequently valuing being right over relationship has played a instrumental role in ending marriages and friendships, while breaking apart families.

12) Love is the point.

Life isn’t a game to win; it’s a lesson in Love.  We’re here to care for one another.  As Dave Matthews sings: “Above all things, if kindness is your king, then heaven will be yours before you meet your end.”

I hope these reminders have brightened your day!  What are some Truths that help guide and brighten your life?  Please share some below and have an amazing day! 🙂



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Grace and peace,