Kindness Kickstarter

August 11 - August 31 2021
Author of "Falling into Love"

"Above all things, if kindness is your king, Then heaven will be yours before you meet your end."

I think if a year-plus of a pandemic, mask/vaccine fights, racial divides, and political conflict taught us anything, it’s how beneficial it is to heed Dave Matthews Band’s prophetic lyrics. I know from personal experience, when I live from kindness, compassion, and understanding, I truly reside in a blissful place. Even amidst life’s storms. With that in mind, I’d love for you to join me for a 21-day Kindness Kickstarter; wherein we do our best to do five simple things everyday to infuse our lives and communities with more lovingkindness:

  1. Do something kind for yourself. It could be looking in the mirror and telling yourself: “I love you”, taking a nap, doing a workout, enjoying a tasty and healthy dish, massaging your feet, or anything else that would bring a smile to your face.
  2. Take 5 minutes (or as long as you’d like) to practice mindfulness via yoga, meditation, prayer, being in nature, meditative movement (running, walking, etc.), Thai Chi, or whatever feels fabulous to you. [Note: You can take unlimited online live + on-demand yoga classes with me for only $19 using thru this package: Kindness Kickstarter Yoga).
  3. Name and savor for 15-seconds or more three things you’re grateful for today (neuroscience shows negative experiences are like Velcro in that we instantly internalize them, whereas positive ones are like Teflon, wherein we lose that goodness … unless we take time to “savor” it for 15-seconds or more). This is great to journal and look back on!
  4. Do something kind for someone else. This could be as simple as complimenting a cashier, opening the door for someone, etc., or more involved like making a meal for others, giving a massage, and such, or anything in between. The sky’s the limit!
  5. Pick a person who inspires you and send them a private message (text, email, DM) telling them that they inspire you, and give them specific reasons how and why. Do your best to do this for different people, but repeats are totally cool! Want “extra credit”, do that for someone that you have trouble relating to, or don’t see “eye to eye” with…this really stretches our kindness muscle (at least for me it does).

After you join, you’ll get regular inspiring & encouraging emails, plus there’s a Facebook group you can join for sharing and motivation! Please feel free to invite others, and remember: YOU are aMAZing!!!